Christian meditation made simple

A beautiful modern app to help you look after
the needs of your soul

Our world leaves people feeling
stressed and anxious

More people are reporting feeling stressed than ever before, often leading to problems such as insomnia, depression, sickness. We need a way to deal with our feelings of anxiety, disconnection and dissatisfaction with life.

The tools you need

Soultime helps you to achieve
spiritual connectedness.

Why do we feel stressed? Because we’re all wired, cognitively, emotionally and spiritually, to live in connection. We all have a need to belong, to be affirmed and to be loved. When we’re not feeling connected, those deep needs don’t get met, we end up feeling stressed and anxious. We hurt others and we often end up sick ourselves.

But feeling connected is not about “friends” or “likes” on a social network. Real connection is about feeling accepted, feeling safe, feeling trusted and feeling valued. In fact, experiencing those kinds of feelings isn’t about contact with other people at all, it’s rooted in our own heart beliefs. Our own internal feelings of connection.

Soultime is all about helping you to understand, take care of and develop your own personal and spiritual connectedness.

As we start to experience good connection, we find we can be busy without being stressed, stretched without being anxious - at peace even in the midst of the storm


  • Meditation

    Learn Christian meditation with insightful courses from experts like Danny Silk. Beautiful, modern, emotionally aware meditations on a wide range of topics, that bring you peace and joy.

  • Check-Up

    Take our sophisticated questionnaire to help you understand and track your emotional and spiritual make-up. Let Soultime design a personalised course of meditations just for you.

  • Dwell

    A place to meditate on your own. Exquisite videos, scriptures and modern and classic music from gifted musicians like Robert Logan, Philippa June and Joanne Clara

  • Daily

    Each day get personalised meditation suggestions - spoken, musical, scriptures. Stay on track with the mood monitor, reminders and your own journal.

Get the app

The Soultime app offers a full suite of innovative tools to bring more clarity and contentment to your life in just a few minutes every day. Soultime is about finding true rest for your soul. Deeper than mindfulness, Soultime offers a style of meditation that touches not just your mind but your heart and soul. The Soultime app brings the tradition of Christian meditation up to date in a beautiful, modern, emotionally aware app.

Our team members

Danny Silk

Bestselling author and expert on emotional
and relational health

Philippa June

Up-and-coming soul vocalist

Joanne Clara

Contemporary classical composer, pianist and

Mark Wagner

Founder and proponent of Christian meditation

Cherlene Wilson

Intuitive success coach and author

Robert Logan

Emmy nominated electronic musician

Everybody needs connection

Soultime Manifesto

Everybody Needs Connection. Online social networks promised us connection. They disappointed because real connection requires things they’re unable to provide. We experience real connection when we feel accepted, we feel safe and we feel trusted. But experiencing those kinds of feelings is not just about contact with other people, it’s also about us. Our own internal feelings of connection - understanding and taking care of our own personal and spiritual connectedness.

But what can help with those things? Another recent trend, mindfulness, has promised help, through exercises for the mind. But at Soultime we believe real connection involves more than just just social contact and more than just exercises for the mind - hence our name - Soul time.

For thousands of years Christians have been learning how to find real connection through meditating. Taking care of their souls by meditating on God - his goodness, his kindness, his love. Soultime has re-imagined this age old tradition for today. We've created beautiful modern tools to help you take care of the needs of your soul. Our passion is helping you find authentic connection - with yourself, with others and with God.

We hope you love what we've done so far and will help us build something even better. Because when any of us experience authentic connection, everything in life feels better.